Nile-Commerce Version 2.0.0 is out.🥇
It comes with more features and tools, and in a new look.
Build your E-Commerce website with Nile-Commerce
It is built with JavaScript and NodeJs
It comes with free hosting for the first year
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Frequently Asked Questions

To own a website, you need to first outline reasons why you need a website, and how much you are willing to spend on it.  If you need a professionally designed website for your business, I advice you to get in touch with a professional website developer to help you.  If you only need a simple website, you can use tools like WordPress, Drupal e.t.c, to get you started.


Tools like WordPress, Drupal require little experience to get you started, and there are many plugins from community developers to help.  They are called Content Management Systems(CMSs).  Though they require little experience, to get the best out them you need to know PHP, CSS, and Javascript.


At Nilewebspace, our hosting packages are optimized to run WordPress, Drupal, and many other CMSs.  You can simply buy a package and set up WordPress in a few seconds.   We also offer professional Website development.  We have experience of over ten years in software development.  In case you need a professionally designed website, contact us at

Currently, our control panel does not have package upgrade/downgrade feature, but we are working on it.  In case you want to change your package, please contact us at, and we will change it for you.

Nile-Commerce is an online e-commerce software for selling products on the internet.  It is built and maintained by Nilewebspace Technologies, an IT branch of Mufraken SMC LTD.  It is written on Nodejs environment with Javascript programming language.  It is a moderately simple, and easy-to-use application equipped with all tools you might need to ensure a successful online shop.  It is built for physical stores, shops, supermarkets that want to capture an online audience.  It can also be used for startups to sell products online.


Nile-Ecommerce comes equipped with a responsive website with administration features.


Our hope is that this tool be of great help to your business.  And in case there is a feature you would want to see added in, please info us via, and we will evaluate and add it in future releases.

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