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It comes with more features and tools, and in a new look.
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It is built with JavaScript and NodeJs
It comes with free hosting for the first year
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Ajax Based

Ajax is a technology that enables a website to get data from the server without reload. Nile-Commerce utilizes this to reload only those parts of a page that need to be reloaded. This helps minimize server requests, and thus making pages to load faster. It also increases the number of visitors who can view your page at a moment since fewer requests are made to the server.


Let people know about what's going on in your business. With blog posts, you can update the visitors to your website about the new things that are happening(or about to happen) in your business. You can also write about the products you have.

Cache System

Nile-Commerce comes with a powerful Cache System. You can cache any page based on language, currency, whether the visitor is a registered member or not, or any other parameter of your choice. And if intelligently used, it can minimize server resource usage.


Like any other physical store, an online e-commerce needs a cart where a buyer can place his/her preferred items before checking out. In cart, the buyer can add/remove items or reduce the quantity of any of the items.


You can easily add Taxes, Shipping Costs, Handling fees, or any other charge based on buyer's shipping location and type of product, in case of shipping cost.


This is like a cashier register. It processes the items received, calculates the total amount, requests for shipping information, adds shipping costs if any, adds taxes if any, and then sends the buyer to a preferred payment processor for payment.


Excite your buyers with Coupons. You can register a coupon with a fixed amount to be reduced from the buyer's total while checking out. This amount can also be in terms of a percentage.


Let them make the right choice: With Nile-Commerce Compare module, buyers can compare different products, or even different models of a single product, to know what best suits them.

Easy Installation

Nile-Commerce installation process is designed to be painless. It takes about five minutes to complete the installation and go live. If you also prefer us installing it for you, we can do it free of charge if you're hosting on our platform. Learn more about installation here

Easy Customization

Nile-Commerce is entirely built with Javascript, CSS, HTML(EJS), and MySQL. As long as you know these technologies, you can change the look of your application, and even write new Modules or even your own Services.


Let them know before they ask: With FAQs module, you can compile Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and publish them. This way people with similar questions will get answers without contacting you.


The Gallery module grants you an opportunity to manage all your images in one place. You can create albums to group your images based on different modules you have.

Free Shipping

If you can afford it, grant your buyers free shipping offer based on their location, cart total amount, and type of product they are buying.

Free Hosting & Domain Name

To relief you of some stress, we host your store for free for one year plus a free domain name*. After one year you can decide to either stay with us at an affordable rate or move to any other host of your choice who meets the application's minimum requirements. We believe this will help you recover your initial investment quickly.

Multiple Currency Support

Maximize your store's potential. You can add/remove a currency to your store. Nile-Commerce currently utilizes Open Exchange API and APILayer API for automatic update of currencies. If you need auto update, you will have to register with either one or both of them.

Multiple Language Support***

Break language barriers. You can easily add a language to your E-Commerce and Nile-Commerce system will auto detect the buyer's browser language, and load it. If buyer's language is not found in the database, then the default language will be loaded. You can also specify Country's language and that will be defaulted to for that specific Country.

Mobile APP

We have built a simple WebView Mobile APP that comes with each Nile-Commerce purchase. You can it to your Android Play or APP Store, and your clients will be able to download and install it. Please note that this is a WebView APP. If you want a custom one, please select CUSTOMIZED APP SINGLE DOMAIN option.

Mobile Responsive

With Nile-Commerce, you're not left in the dark. With an increasing number of people using mobile phones, mobile responsiveness is crucial. Nile-Commerce default template(and even custom designed template(s)) is designed to display well even on small for good user experience.


The Newsletters module enables you to send newsletters to all your subscribers(even non-members). It has been cleverly designed to send out messages periodically inorder not to overwhelm the sending mailserver, and to minimize the chances of being labelled a spammer.


This module handles some internal notifications and those composed by the administrator. You as an administrator can compose a notification that will be shown to every member who logs into your application, even the newly registered.


Nile-Commerce handles a number of payment options. These include PayPal, Pesapal, Flutterwave, Cash-on-Delivery. If there is any other payment option you would want to be added for you, please contact us to see if we can add it for you. If we can, we will do it for you for free.


Let people know what others are saying. Buyers can add their experience about items they buy, and rate them. This will boost the transparently of your store.


Roles module enables you to distribute the management of your application to different members while limiting their control with privilleges.


Know all about it. Nile-Commerce Statistics module grants a view in how your application is doing. It records visitors and sales, and you can search them whenever you want.


Probably they can't afford it yet. Wishlist enables buyers to mark products that they can come back for incase they want to buy them, or review them.


Admin Login Details


User Login Details


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you're hosting with us, just contact us with your purchased Nile-Commerce product key and the domain name where you would want it to be installed.

If you're not hosting with us, please contact us that we may get your hosting details where to install the application. Please make sure that your hosting provider meets minimum requirements listed in installation article at

Yes! We provide free hosting for the first year. After the first year, you pay normal hosting and domain name fee as lists on hosting page

The price starts from $99.00. With this price, you get exactly what you see in the demo at

If you want improvement/customization, an additional fee may apply depending on the complexity of the improvement/customization.

Apart from service files and license file(which you will never need to edit), other files are easy to read and edit. You can also create your own service file to avail a service that is not already available. And this service will be available throughout the whole application.

Yes! If you know Javascript/CSS/EJS/MySQL, you can create your own new module, or completely change the existing ones.

NOTE:You're advised NOT to change/remove default modules(modules that are packed with the application). Some of these modules are extensively used throughout the application. If removed, errors may start to occur, or even break the whole application.

Yes! It is your application. You can move it to any hosting provider of your choice who meets the hosting requirements of the application.

No! We have tried to make sure that whatever you need to manage your E-Commerce shop is turned into a Graphical User Interface(GUI) via the Administrator section. Once you login as an administrator, you will see all the administration features.

In case you feel more is needed, please contact us with that suggestion and will evaluate it to add it in the next release.

Yes!! We have write a beautiful userguide to help you manage your application. The userguide moves you through steps of adding/editing/removing products, adding/removing roles, e.t.c.

Get the userguide at


Single Domain

This license is for one domain name. In case you want to change the domain name to another, you have to also change the domain name in your Nilewebspace Control Panel. It is ideal for any one who wants to start an online shop for his/her physical store.

Delivery Time: 24 Working Hours

Buy Now

Customized Single Domain

This license is for one domain name, but we design for you a custom template(look) and add new features you would like to be added or remove those that you do not want. After purchase, you will be contacted within 24 working hours to discuss design details.

Delivery Time: 21 working days

Buy Now

Customized APP Single Domain

Nile-Commerce comes with a WebView based APP. In otherwords, loads web content as viewed from web browser. With this license, we design a customized Mobile APP for your store in flutter. After purchase, you will be contacted within 24 working hours to discuss design details.

Delivery Time: 21 working days

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* Domain names that are free include .com, .us, .net, .xyz, .uk,
** Please note that although Nile-Commerce features are separated into modules, the main features(the features that are shipped with Nile-Commerce from us) are closely linked, and you're not advised to disable or remove any one of them as that may cause bugs in the whole program.
*** Though Nile-Commerce supports both LTR and RTL languages, the default template currently does not support RTL. If your intent is to support RTL specifically, you can either wait on for awhile as we work on it, or you can request for a custom template design for a small additional fee.
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