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Installation of Nile-Commerce is very simple, and can take about five(5) minutes from start to finish.  Before you install, make sure that your system meets these minimum requirements.

  • Supports NodeJS(v16+)
  • MySQL Database is installed
  • Supports HTTPS requests
  • Has at least two Cores(recommended but can still work with one Core)
  • Make sure that you have Internet connection.  This is to verify the License Key while installing.


Also make sure you have access to the following:

  • SMTP Server


Installation Process


As you install, make sure you check the logfile named logfile.log in the main folder.  In case of any error, it will be logged in this file.


The installation process involves four steps:


STEP 1: Go to the installation Module and open the settings.json file.  Fill in the details like database host, user, password, database name; license key(you get it from your Nilewebspace Account under "my-softwares"); SMTP Server access details like SMTP user, password, host; also you can optionally add the number of processes you want to run.  It looks like below        

"host": "",
"port": 3306,
"user": "",
"smtp": {
"user": "",
"pass": "",
"secure": true,
"port": 465,
"host": ""


Note:  You need to be very careful while setting processes field.  Although processes increase the performance your Application, they use a lot of resources, like RAM.  Nile-Commerce tries to check the number of Cores available, and only loads chosen processes if there are enough Cores to handle them, but RAM size is not checked.


If you just want to reinstall the Application with all database tables, add another field called reinstall and set it to true.


STEP 2:  Now that you have filled the settings file, you can go ahead and start the server.  To start the server, run index.js file as the entry file.  In case you experience any difficult starting the server, check the logfile for details on what might have gone wrong.


STEP 3:  Now that the server is up and running, open you browser and load the main URL on which you're installing the Application.  Please make sure that the domain name is the same as that you registered in your Nilewebspace Account.  If all is well, you should be seeing a page in the screenshot below 


If you're seeing the page above, it means that License Key was successfully verified, and the database connection was successful.  Click on next button to go through Installation until you reach the page below.





STEP 4:  Remove the Installation Module from the modules folder and keep it somewhere safe. Only add it to modules folder if you are re-installing your Application. By removing it you remove the risk of someone re-running installation.  You now need to restart the server that all the processes be filled with the settings. First stop it, and then re-run the index.js file to restart.  And now you're done!  You have successfully set up your Nile-Commerce store.


STEP 5:  Now that you have finished setting up your store, you can login and set up the payment processors by adding your Flutterwave, PayPal, PesaPal, etc., Keys in Payments Settings, and also add your Open Exchange API and APILayer Keys in the Currencies Settings.  You can finds settings in the Administrator section.


STEP 6:  You can start adding your products from the Administrator Control Panel.   Nile-Commerce is packed with over ten(10) demo products, several categories, sub-categories, group names; and by checking these products and their edit pages, you can get several possible ways to add your products.



Every Application needs maintenance from time to time.  During maintenance, try to check the following:

  • logfile.log file:  Nile-Commerce generates this file to log notable activities and errors.  You're advised not to expose this file as it may contain sensitive information about your Application.  When maintaining, go through it's contents to see that everything is running well, and after delete some or all the content to reduce it's size.
  • If possible, take a moment a restart the server.  By doing this any unnecessary cached data will be released.
  • Make sure that Visitors cleaning period is set.  By default this value is set to fifteen(15) days.


Lastly, if you find any of the parts challenging, contact us at

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