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What is HTML?

HyperText Markup Language commonly known HTML is a markup language used to structure documents to be displayed in a web browser.  HTML with the help of other technologies like Cascading Style Sheets(CSS - used to style the elements) and Javascript is used built web applications.

What is the structure of an HTML document?

The structure of the HTML document is relatively similar to that of other markup languages like XML.  It contains opening and closing tags.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>page title</title>
<section>Hello world!</section>
The structure of an HTML document starts with <!DOCTYPE html> which declares the type of the document; in this case is html.

<html> </html> are opening and closing tags of the content that describe the web page.  <head></head> are opening and closing head tags.  Between head tags information about the document is added.  This includes the meta data in <meta> tags, title in <title> tags, style sheets in <style> tags which are used to style the page.  <body></body>  these are body tags where content to be displayed to a client/user is placed.


HTML is an important technology in web development.  It structures the flow of a document to be displayed in the browser.  It is the simplest of the three major web development technologies.

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