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Started in 1995 by Netscape Corporation as LiveScript, Javascript has become the most popular programming language in the world.  The name change from LiveScript to Javascript was influenced by another programming language called Java, though they are different.

What is a domain name?

Javascript is an interpreted, and recently just-in-time compiled, programming language. The process of executing Javascript codes is managed by a Javascript Engine.  Examples of Javascript Engines include V8 Engine used in google chrome, SpiderMonkey used in Firefox by Mozilla.

Javascript was commonly used to bring dynamics to web pages.  Though this was the initial use of javascript, it can now be used as a server-side programming language too, thanks to development environments like Nodejs.   Today it can be used in embedded systems, to build servers, desktop applications, and many more.

What are the advantages of Javascript?

Javascript has really evolved.  From a simple programming language to add dynamics to web pages into a complex programming language able to built servers, and program embedded system.  Javascript comes with a number of advantages, among which are:

  1. Web development made simple:  I call the ability to use a single language to build both client-side and server-side parts of the application 'web development made simple'.  I have built complete web applications in javascript, it is really fun.
  2. Desktop and mobile application development made simple:  Now you can also completely develop desktop and mobile applications in Javascript, thanks to tools like Electronjs, ReactNative and others.  This means you can build a web application that can run on desktop with little or no modification.
  3. Javascript brings with it a non-blocking mechanism to the server side.  Unlike other web server side programming languages which create a thread for each request and block other requests once the maximum thread number is reached, javascript uses non-blocking mechanism by utilizing callbacks and promises to complete requests.  This really helps the application to utilize all available system's resource.
  4. Ajax: I believe few sites, if any, are without Ajax.  Ajax is a mechanism by which an application sends data asynchronously from the browser to the server without page reload.  This really reduces the amount of data transmitted reducing the amount of the network resources used.  Ajax really bring an application to 'life'.
  5. DOM content manipulation:  Like Ajax, DOM content manipulation also makes an application look alive.  DOM content manipulation  grants developers ability to move application elements without waiting for the user reload the page.

What are the disadvantages of Javascript?

I have to say that am hooked by Javascript.  For the years I have been using Javascript, I have really found no challenge, or may be two mentioned below:

  1. Slow implementation of new features:  Since browsers are developed by different vendors, implementation of new features tends to delay, which means that sometimes you have to add fallbacks or leave out new features.
  2. Open code:  Though there are a number of tools that help to obfuscate the code, generally code written in Javascript remain open.  This means no matter how many hours you put in to develop an application, those sources codes remain open.


From a simple web programming language, Javascript has evolved into a complex language for anything everywhere.

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