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Website development has become quite a popular business in Uganda.  As people gain skills in HTML and CSS, and with an increasing desire to own a business, Information Communication Technology(ICT) has become a go-to business.  This article guides how to choose a company/person to develop your website.  In this article I use websites and web applications interchangeably.


Mid-last year I got a call from a client asking me to manage her website.  This was not the first time to be contacted by her; the first time she wanted me to develop her a website.  What happened is when I told her the price she went to someone else to develop it for her, which is reasonable.  When I looked at the application to maintain, it was bad!  The developer just went and installed only WordPress plugins, uploaded pictures, and was done.  I felt sorry for her.


The rise of content management systems(CMSs) like WordPress, Drupal and the others has led to the development of poor web applications in Uganda.  I strongly believe these are good tools, and if properly used, they can do a great job, but they are always a target from hackers, therefore they need constant maintenance and monitoring.  These tools tend to be a door way into web application development career for many people--I have to admit that I entered web development with WordPress--but sadly few take time to learn them well.


Let us get to the point, what are the points to consider while searching for a web application developer for your website?


1.  Communication:  Make sure you can easily get in touch with the developer you are choosing.


2.  Information:  Information is very important when making decisions.  Make sure you ask the developer as much information as needed including the technologies to use and the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies.


3.  Maintenance plan: Applications constantly need upgrades, and as they grow, there may be a need to increase the resource.  And also security threats are many, so make sure that the developer has an affordable maintenance plan.


4.  Cost:  Developing good secure applications is time-consuming and it is not cheap, but it should be reasonable.  Always try to search online what the cost of related applications is from other developers.


A website is tool that each company/firm must have.  It is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to promote your company to the world in this era.  It is an easy way to pass company updates, showcase your products, even sell your products.  The way it is developed and maintained can strongly affect your revenue.


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